Congratulations! Youíre engaged! He popped the question and you said yes! Or perhaps it was the other way around! Either way, you are about to embark upon the biggest adventure of your lives together. There are so many things to do to prepare for the wedding! Luckily, itís not as overwhelming as it seems.


A brideís wedding day is arguably the most important day in her lifetime. Every bride wants the day to be perfect. But few realize how much time and effort must be invested to make it that way until they are in over their heads!


Venue, Venue, Where Can You Be?
When you are planning your wedding, the question of venue is probably one of the most important things on your mind. Where will you have the wedding? What will it look like? Will the atmosphere be right for the theme of your wedding?


Themed weddings have gained a great amount of popularity in the past twenty years. Though traditional weddings are nice, adding a theme gives the bride and groom's a chance to truly make the day their own. So how can you take advantage of this idea to personalize your special day?


Every culture has their own sacred and long cherished wedding ceremony tradition. For you and your spouse to be, choosing the right ceremony depends on many factors, including your ethnic and religious background, your geographic location, and your personal beliefs. What kinds of ceremonies would be most meaningful for you?

Sweet Tradition

Whether you are a bride who thrives on tradition, or an unconventional lady seeking to make a fresh mark on the world, there are still lovely traditions about weddings that can add some wonderful richness and memory worthy moments to your nuptial celebration.


From your invitations to the place cards on the reception tables the stationary you choose for your wedding has an impact. Even the wedding favors you give your guest will need to be related to the theme of the wedding and the stationary.

Wedding Fashions

There are two things that everyone will remember about any wedding; the cake, and the dress. Most brides are able to choose the cake with the help of an expert baker, and easily make this piece of the wedding spectacular. But picking the dress for the bride, as well as the fashion for the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and groomsmen can be more challenging.


When you are preparing for a wedding, there are many other events besides the wedding itself that are involved in the process. For example, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner are all events for which you will need to make time and spend energy organizing.