Congratulations! You\íre engaged!

Pictured: Engagement


Congratulations! Youíre engaged!
He popped the question and you said yes! Or perhaps it was the other way around! Either way, you are about to embark upon the biggest adventure of your lives together. There are so many things to do to prepare for the wedding! Luckily, itís not as overwhelming as it seems. Engagement is a wonderful stage on your journey to wedded bliss. Be sure to keep it fun and filled with memories you both can cherish for years.

Find the right rings

One of the first things that a newly engaged couple should do is select their rings and get them properly insured. Though insurance might seem a little unnecessary, but think of it this way. This ring will represent the most important commitment of your lifetime. Insurance will help to make certain that if any mishap causes your rings to be lost, stolen, or damaged; you will be able to replace them. Hopefully though, there will be no need to use your insurance!

Engagement party

After the rings have been selected, the next step is planning the engagement party. An engagement party is a great way to let the world know that you have decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Chose an appropriate venue, and select a theme for your engagement party. Spring, summer, and other seasonal themes are popular. You should also carefully select the guests that you will be inviting, as these will be the people closest and dearest to you.

Start Spreading the News.

After the engagement party, the next step to take is to star spreading the news about the wedding. By now, you must have fixed the wedding date. Itís important you consult your church and every other organization involved before picking a wedding date. Itís also very necessary to pick a date that will give you enough room for preparation. Once the date is picked, you have to start spreading the news around. Let everyone involved know about your wedding plans.

Wedding website

After the engagement party is arranged you should also look into creating a wedding website! In todayís world of technology, this whimsical new custom is fast becoming a modern tradition. Making a website for your wedding allows you to post photos from your engagement, engagement party, and bridal shower for your guests who cannot attend to enjoy. It also gives your wedding guests a great place to keep in touch while the wedding is being planned. You can even list your wedding registry right on the site, which allows your guests to see exactly who is giving what. A guest book on the homepage will let your friends and relatives share their joy regarding your pending nuptials as well.