Find the perfect... ...dress, venue, caterer, etc.

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A brideís wedding day is arguably the most important day in her lifetime. Every bride wants the day to be perfect. But few realize how much time and effort must be invested to make it that way until they are in over their heads! Here is some no-none-sense information to help you sort through the confusion of what is and isnít important when you start to plan your wedding.


First of all, before you do anything else, you need to select a budget range. Having a dollar amount that you can work with will save you a lot of time and trouble later on. There is nothing more irritating than to find the perfect (dress, venue, caterer, etc) and then discover you cannot pay for it. Start out with a precise figure and work from there.

Pick a day

Next comes the choosing of your big day. Pick a day that has meaning to both you and your future spouse if possible, but also make sure that you choose a day that is at least 6 months into the future. Most venues and other services for a wedding are booked at least this far in advance. Good days to avoid include Valentines Day, Halloween, and the 21st of June, all of which are exceedingly popular wedding dates on which the price of venues will likely be higher.

Wedding size

The step after choosing your big day is planning your event is to determine how many people will be taking part in it. Who is on the guest list? This must be determined early on so that invitations can be sent out. Itís also a good idea to specify on your invitations that people who do not RSVP will not be expected at the wedding. This is not rude, itís clear communication. Let your guests know that if they canít come, you donít mind and will miss them. But also make it clear that you need to plan for a specific number of people. Sending out invitation should be done at least a full 6 months prior to the wedding itself. When you are planning for your guests, plan with the maximum number of guests in mind. Itís always easier to cut down than to upsize.

Family will unquestionably play a large roll in your wedding day plans. But itís up to you to determine what that roll is. Talk with close family members about their roll in the wedding. Also make sure that you do not forget to invite any family members by accident. This will avoid family spats later on.

Wedding planer

Of course, if all of this is overwhelming you, you might want to consider hiring a qualified wedding planner. A good wedding planner can take a load of stress off of the bride as well as the rest of the people involved in the wedding. They can help you do everything from choosing the flowers to organizing the guest list to finding the perfect seat for Grandma. Ask friends and family to recommend a wedding planner who has the skills you need to make your day perfect!