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Themed weddings have gained a great amount of popularity in the past twenty years. Though traditional weddings are nice, adding a theme gives the bride and groom's a chance to truly make the day their own. So how can you take advantage of this idea to personalize your special day?
Obviously you could combine and create your own unique styled wedding; it all really comes down to how creative you are and how much money you have to spend. Themes need to fit the personality of the couple. Think about the things you and you’re soon to be spouse both enjoy. Here are some great theme ideas so consider.


Regardless of what time of year you are having your nuptials, you may have a favorite season that would make a good theme. Winter themed weddings typically are represented by cool colors such as icicle blue and silver. Using winter plants like holly in place of flowers can add to this theme. Spring weddings are all about new life and hope. Tulips, daffodils, robins, even rabbits can be incorporated into the decoration for spring themed weddings. Use soft pastel colors for this season. Summer weddings are for passionate couples. If you and your soon to be spouse are madly in love, the warmth of primary colors, as well as the brilliance of summer time wildflowers will show your guests just how deeply you feel for each other. Fall weddings are for the peaceful, grateful couple. Showing how much you look forward to spending your lives together can be seen in the use of fall leaves and fruits for decoration.

Color and style

Another theme idea to think about is basing the colors and styles of your wedding on the location of the wedding. For an out of doors wedding, use fashions and decorations that are very natural. The organic mood of these will communicate a pure and natural love between you and your intended. Indoor weddings can be themed on luxury, and allow you to choose extravagant and lavish settings to show the passion of your relationship. Beach weddings are another specific location theme. Having all the guests where beach friendly clothing and keeping the setting a bit more casual lets people enjoy the warmth of the beach while still celebrating your joy with you!


This blast from the past style wedding lets you pick your favorite past decade and theme your wedding around the fashions, customs, and culture of the time.


The classic wedding is all about elegance. It is perfect for the bride who always wanted to be a princess!


The modern wedding features clean lines, sleek shapes, and a disregard for convention. This is the ideal wedding theme for an unconventional couple.


If you or your spouse to be is in the armed forces, a military wedding is a great way to incorporate the grandeur and tradition of your branch into your wedding!