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Sweet Tradition

Whether you are a bride who thrives on tradition, or an unconventional lady seeking to make a fresh mark on the world, there are still lovely traditions about weddings that can add some wonderful richness and memory worthy moments to your nuptial celebration.

One of the oldest of these tradition deals with the clothing of the bride and it is said in the charming children’s poem “something old, something new, something borrowed something blue”. The something old is usually an item of clothing or jewelry that has family significance. The idea is that by giving the bride something old to wear, the blessing of her family goes with her into the marriage. Something new should be something the bride selected herself, something that represents her personally. This may be the dress itself, or a special accessory that the bride picked out. The new item shows that the bride is starting out on her own. A borrow item, for good luck, should be something small, like a pair of gloves, or a beautiful hair pin that can be returned to its owner after the wedding. Something blue is also for good luck, and can be anything from bridal lingerie to the bouquet.

During the end of the ceremony, the bride traditionally throws her bouquet and the lucky lady to catch it will be the next married, or so the superstition goes. The groom removes the bride’s garter and tosses it to the men of the wedding party and the same superstition applies to the lucky fellow who snags it.

Many couple’s families and friends will also find it great fun to decorate the car of the newlyweds.

Cake cutting is something that is also highly blessed by tradition. Feeding each other bites of cake, and sometimes getting all over each other, is a wonderful, playful way for the new couple to show their love for each other.

The first dance together as couple is also significant. It shows the world that they are happy to dance through life together, just like they are on the dance floor.

When daddy, or mom, or another significant person gives the bride away, he or she is not saying the bride is a piece of property changing hands. Rather, the message is “she is precious. Treasure her.”

The couple’s first kiss is seen as a sign of commitment and a future blessed with passion.

Last but certainly not least, giving the happy couple a toast to wish them well is the duty of the best man or maid of honor!

Ask your family about other traditions that might be unique to your ancestors to add meaning and memory to your special day!