Vendors Do you pick the stationary

Pictured: that is best for you?


1.Stationary and Favors

From your invitations to the place cards on the reception tables the stationary you choose for your wedding has an impact. Even the wedding favors you give your guest will need to be related to the theme of the wedding and the stationary.

So how do you pick the stationary that is best for you? First start with your wedding colors and work from there. Many couples also have a wedding logo that they use to monogram the paper associate with the wedding.

There are many good stationary providers. Some allow you to custom design your wedding papers, others offer ready made but beautiful designs. Select something that is eco-friendly and unique to you and your spouse to be.

One you have picked you colors and logo, if you have one, you should also select the font that will be used. Having the same font on all the stationary is a touch of classy attention to detail that your guests will appreciate.

You will need to make arrangements for invitations, escort cards, menu cards, table names, programs, and the guest books for your family and friends to sign.

You’re wedding favors should also be coherent with the them of the wedding and wrapped or designed with the stationary theme in mind. For example, if your wedding is themed on winter wonderland beauty, a cheerful little spring time frog candle does not make sense as a wedding favor.


Another thing to consider at this time is your wedding registry. First, you need to decide exactly what you need in the way of household items and set up your registry at a store where all of these things can be found. Having your mother or sisters help you set up the registry can be a great experience for a bride. You should also choose a store that has a good online shopping site so that guests who may not be able to get to an actual store can still bring a gift from the registry to your wedding!

3. Capturing Wedding Memories

Your wedding day is an unforgettable event, but you will still want to capture all the wonderful moments on photograph or video. Selecting a photographer is one of the most important choices you will make about your wedding day.

There are a few simple tips to finding the best photographer to document your nuptials.

- Set your budget and your expectations. Starting with a price point and a list of things that you want helps you to narrow down your choices for a photographer. Keep in mind that the saying 'you get what you pay for' is very true when it comes to photographers. If your budget is small, you should look for a smaller package, rather than a cheap but large package.

- Ask for a recommendation. Inquiring of family, friends, and co-workers what there experiences with professional photographers in your area has been will help you get a sense of the kind of service you can expect.

- Look for online reviews. These days, nearly every business has some reviews online. Check out the photographers you are considering, to see if there is any additional information about them from other customers.

- Ask to see a portfolio. This is perfectly legitimate. Any good photographer or photography company will be happy to present you with examples of their work. If someone refuses to show you past work, that is a red flag that they are either not very good or not very experienced.

-Blood isn’t always thicker than water. That relative or friends who is an amateur photographer, may not be the best choice to immortalize your special day. Even if they are extremely talented, they may not be experienced enough to get the quality of photos and video you want. So let them bring their camera and shoot photos if they want to, but don’t make them the main photographer.

One final thing to remember with photography and hiring photographers is to be clear what kinds of photos you are seeking. Photographers charge differently for casual wedding shots than for formal poses sometimes. Always inquire about exactly what you are getting for the money you are paying, so there are no negative surprises later on.

4.Cocktails and Entrées and Cakes, Oh My!

The food for your wedding is part of the lasting memories you will build. When you select your venue for the wedding and reception, sometimes you will find that they also offer catering services. These services are usually convenient. However, before your select the venue’s kitchen as your caterer, you should ask around and make sure that you are truly getting the best deal, and that you will be getting good service.

Once you have selected a caterer, on or off venue site, you have a few other decisions to make. Will your meal be formal, sit-down? Or will it be buffet style? Or would you rather do finger foods? Will there be a cocktail hour? Will you have a cash bar?

If you choose to have a formal sit down dinner, you will need to be prepared to select appetizers, entrées, desserts, and wine. Your caterer will be able to help you select a menu that all goes together and can provide for all your guests.

For buffet style receptions, you should choose several kinds of main dish so that your guest have a selection. This same idea applies for appetizers and desserts if your are serving those on the buffet also. Rarely is wine offered on a buffet.

If you are a budget minded couple, the finger-food reception may be more what you are looking for. Not only are finger foods typically slightly cheaper than a full meal, they also fit better with weddings that are more casual.

Regardless of what kind of meal you plan to serve, you need to give some thought to the idea of cocktails and/or a cash bar. Having one or two specific cocktails provided at your wedding is a great way to individualize your reception’s atmosphere. However, if not all your guests are fans of that particular cocktail, some people might feel left out. Having a cash bar is another way that you can provide your guests with there own selection of spirits, but allow them to pay cash for the drinks that they want. Of course, if you want, you can also have an alcohol free ceremony, which can trim the budget down quite a bit.

Two final thoughts on the meal are these; first, if there are children coming to your wedding, you should plan for a children’s entrée or to have some buffet or finger food choices that appeal to children. This doesn’t mean you need to serve chicken tenders at your wedding, but it does mean that not everyone is old enough to appreciate the exotic appetizer you’ve selected. The other thing to keep in mind is that some of your guests may have special eating needs or customs. Ask your caterer about vegetarian, kosher, and gluten-free meal options if there is anyone on your guest list that might need them.

Last but never least, you need to choose a cake. Sometimes your caterer can provide you with a cake also, but it is usually both better and cheaper to get your cake from a local baker. You can choose your cake by flavor, color, style, or size. Always take into account the number of guests and the time of year when you are ordering a cake. For example, a cake with cream cheese frosting will not fair well at an out door, summer time


Traveling In Style You have the perfect dress, the perfect cake, the perfect venue. Everything about your wedding is perfect! Except for one issue; how are you getting there?

Transportation for weddings is just a vital to making your day ideal as any other part. How you and your wedding party arrive is not only a great way to make a first impression but also to build memories.

There are lots of options for to and from wedding transportation.

For a touch of true elegance, hire a limo for the bridal party and another for the bride and groom. However the stretch limo and Hollywood glamour may not be what you’re looking for. If not, there are other styles of cars and methods of transport available to you.

Give your wedding an old-school, classy feel by hiring a vintage car service. A classic Rolls Royce or other luxury car can really vamp up the atmosphere of your day!

Adding a fairytale ending for the princess bride is also easy. Hire a horse and carriage for the bride and groom to depart the ceremony in. Or you can hire one for the bride to arrive in. Either way, a bride is sure to feel like Cinderella or one of her princess contemporaries, in this kind of transport.

There are also gothic and retro styles of transportation, if these fit with your wedding theme. It is important to take into consideration the rest of the wedding before choosing your transportation.

For the truly extravagant wedding, perhaps the bride would like to be carried on a palanquin. Or maybe she and her husband to be can hire and elephant, camel, or other exotic animal to bring them to the ceremony.

Dramatic entries can be made vie helicopter also.

Though most couples will prefer something less extravagant, there are many different styles of transport available. Choose the one that fits your wedding day fantasy and your budget best!


Selecting the music for your big day is just as important as any other part of the wedding planning process. After all, you will walk down the aisle to music, have your first dance with your newly wedded spouse to music, and your reception party will also be carried by the music you select.

For the ceremony, you should consult the musicians or sound people at the venue to be sure that the songs you want can be played at the places in the ceremony you would like them to be. Having the traditional bridal march may or may not be your style. Perhaps there is a special song that you want played during the ceremony. Going over all of this with the people who will be performing or playing it will help to avoid problems later on in the ceremony.

For the reception, you may want to hire a DJ. With all due respect your friend, uncle, or cousin, who’s been DJ-ing in his or her basement for 3 years, you should probably choose a professional DJ to take care of the reception music. Make sure that you communicate exactly what songs you want for your first dance, father-daughter dance, and any other events that you wish to have at the reception.

Some couples might prefer the hiring of a live band to the selection of a DJ. This is a little more expensive usually but it does add an air of class and sophistication to your reception.

Regardless of whether you choose a live band or a DJ, you should make sure you get plenty of recommendations from friends and family, or even look online for reviews before hiring anyone. Some bands are excellent. Some need a bit more work. Some DJs can keep the party going all night. Some can’t. Check the feedback on the people you’re interviewing before selecting one.

Always remember that music sets the emotional mood of your whole day. Choose songs that are meaningful to you as a couple and you will never regret it!